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Over the course of the school year as part of its mandate to educate its students, Ontario school boards, under the authority of the Education Act, (R.S.O. 1990 c.E.2) ss. 58.5, 265 and 266 as amended, will collect personal information about each student. The information collected may be written, oral or visual. This personal information will be used to register and place the student in a school or for a consistent purpose such as the allocation of staff and resources and to give information to employees to carry out their job duties. In addition, the information may be used to deal with matters of health and safety or discipline and that may be required to be disclosed in compelling circumstances or for law enforcement matters or in accordance with any other Act. The information will be used in accordance with the Education Act, the regulations, and guidelines issued by the Minister of Education governing the establishment, maintenance, use, retention, transfer and disposal of pupil records. For questions about this collection, please speak to your Superintendent.